• group_hike

    Group Hike 2018 Fall

    White Mountain

  • retreat 2019

    Group Retreat 2019 Fall

    Dinner at Amir's Woodhouse

  • Fridge_Beast

    Dilution fridge for Spin qubit project

    Our BEAST

  • Diamond AFM probe

    A quantum sensor is siting in the tip!

  • Fractional Chern Insulator observed in Twisted bilayer graphene


Our experiments are motivated not only to understand underlying physics but also to apply established physics to scientific environments. In particular, we have had great success in developing metrology tools based on novel physical phenomena. Using this principle we have built systems capable of extremely sensitive charge detection as well nanoscale magnetic field sensors. These sensors allow us to probe new physics.

Research interests including:

  • Spin Qubits
  • Topo QED
  • NV centers in diamonds
  • Layered materials

And we are actively exploring the interplay between them.

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Research interests


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